Our goal, our very purpose and reason for being, is to partner with already great businesses and "take the ball and run with it". We build businesses up by investing our money and our time in them. Ultimately, should we buy your business, we will take the responsibility of running it day-to-day and we'd love to have you stay involved in whatever way is best for the business.


That means that we're often a great fit for companies where the founder/CEO is ready for a transition: they have built something great! They want to see the financial benefits of their creation without having the time commitments of running the business every day. They care about the wellbeing of their employees, the reputation of their company, and the future of their partnerships. What they need is a partner who does, too.


That's us. We're growth engineers, not financial engineers. Our founder's background is in running and building things, not in buying and selling them. We have a long term commitment: we put our capital in, relocate to be near the business, and put 100% of our time into growing it.

Anodize Capital Partners

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